PM leader

My name is Andrea. I am passionate about changing the world by building educational websites and apps for children and adults providing them with meaningful and engaging experiences. My love for product management grew after being a customer experience manager for a start-up. I have an obsession with improving products through iterative processes testing and failing early. I love building strong processes, making data-driven decisions, creating product vision and strategy, and bringing together teams to meet OKRs that align with company goals. My strongest asset is being able to think strategically at a high-level and execute at a detailed level.

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I’ve conceptualized and developed products based on research including board games, mobile web apps, digital games, and e-learning platforms.

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Outside of Work

I like to read product management, leadership, and strategy books and share what I’ve learned.

I started Celeryville Block Association in South Side of Jersey City. I believe that making small changes to improve the quality of life for my family and others in my community will lead to a better world.

I make woven wall-hangings and jewelry using fibers.

I love to play games, especially Scrabble Go Classic.