Fake Me Out at Fake News Horror Show

Thank you for visiting our booth at Fake News Horror Show! Fake Me Out is a media-literacy web application designed for adult media consumers. Fake Me Out is a tool specifically designed for adult readers. Fake Me Out encourages users to take a step back from any information presented, analyze it carefully, and share their reflection.

Before you get started, I am aware of the current issues of the web app. There are several features on the roadmap I’d like to fix and add like an on-boarding experience, comparing reviewed articles with other similar articles, and news articles containing oppositional views. I truly value your input as I am always looking to improve this tool. Follow the steps below to help me do so:

1. How good are you at detecting fake news? (2 mins)

2. Watch the on-boarding video and open the Fake Me Out web-app

  • Copy one of the sample fake news articles below:
    (*You’re going to need to paste it in the web app)



3. Tell us about your experience (4 mins)


2 thoughts on “Fake Me Out at Fake News Horror Show

    1. Hi Jo Ann, I appreciate your feedback! This prototype is at its very primitive stages. Once data is collected and actual users are using the web app, you will have a better sense. Currently, there is dummy data. Keep in mind, this is an excercise to help you better detect fake news as a consumer. It is not meant to be a tool to verify articles.

      I’d like to add that two future features will be added to this experience, which will definitely help you in learning how to detect fake news. One is a stream of related articles about the topic you read and the other will offer oppositional views.

      Thank you for your feedback!


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